Strada Cornocchio 55 - 43126 Parma

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Restaurant Taste

The simplicity of haute cuisine…

Dedicated to those who want to touch the search for the best raw materials firsthand and know that the secret of haute cuisine lies in its impeccable simplicity.

Dedicated to those who have discovered that a great chef is a real presence, who can be observed closely as if he were a friend or family member.

Dedicated to those who imagine a cuisine in which tradition and interpretation are capable of communicating the true soul of a territory. 

Dedicated to those who are not looking for a place to eat but an experience to remember. 

Dedicated to those who believe in the importance of a meeting and in the value of an exchange. 

Dedicated to those who think that a pleasure is only such when it can be shared. 

Dedicated to those who love to breathe that special, unmistakable home air everywhere. 

Dedicated to those who don’t just taste, but prefer to close their eyes and TASTE.


All this is the new Taste restaurant of Hotel City Parma.

A welcoming, particular, intimate environment, where it is possible to savor a quality cuisine, with the use of selected raw materials.
In the summer it is possible to dine outdoors, in the dehors of the restaurant, immersed in the hotel park.